About Preorders and Non Stock items

Preorders and Non Stocks is something we deal quite a lot in. Firstly we want to make the models that you want available for you, as soon as we see them heading our way, this way you can ensure that you get your hands on the coveted models that you are looking for.

Second we want to make sure you have access to order as many of the different makes and models that you are interested in, models that otherwise might be hard to come by.

When it comes to preorders we are given a month(sometimes a quarter) in which the models is expected to be released, this is the timeframe we put in the product title. This is not a 100% guarantee that it will be released that month, manufacturing problems, shipping delays, many things can affect a products final availability date.

If you order Preorder items, please be aware of this fact and try to be patient, your model will be shipped to you as soon as we have it in our hands, but we have no control over manufacturing, distribution or shipping.

And if a preorder item is cancelled for some reason(this happens!) You will naturally get a full refund of your purchase.!


Non Stock items is our way of offering you access to a greater variety of models, these are models that we know for a fact that our distributors have in stock at the moment and will be included in the next shipment headed our way.

However, even if the item is in stock, the distributor has control over when they pack and ship our shipments, sometimes we get lucky and items are ordered just before they are shipping a package to us, we usually get one every 2 weeks, other times it might take a while depending on the releases that w currently have on order from the distributor.

If you order Non Stock items, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery as we need to get them from the distributor and then ship them on to you, we think it is a great service that we provide in order to give more customers access to more models.

If for some reason the distributor is unable to provide the model you have purchased, you will naturally receive a full refund!